Series: 30 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress without Leaving Home (21-25)

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On October 6, I began the first part of this series “30 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress without Leaving Home.” Every other week, I’ll release the next post in this series. Each one will outline 5 tips to help you reduce stress. Hopefully, you’ll come away from this series learning not only ways to cope with feelings of stress, but you’ll actually feel better because you’ve taken the time to practice some of them.

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21) Find a sunny spot to enjoy

One of my favorite spots in my home is the couch by the window. Fortunately, my living room faces the rising sun, allowing me to sit and bask in the morning sunlight. And my front porch is flooded with light this time of day, too, making it one of my favorite outdoor spots (when the weather is warm enough).

And since it’s in the dead of winter at the time I’m writing this, I’m absolutely content with soaking up the sun in whatever way I can that doesn’t involve subjecting myself to the cold (my bones thank me)

Do you have an area like this in your home? In the afternoon, my bedroom is flooded with light from the setting sun, and sitting in there, soaking it up is also like another mini escape from the trials of my day.

So, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and in need of some stress relieve, I highly recommend finding a spot in your home that has a bit of sun and making time to sit in it for a few minutes as a way to recharge. It works for me. Maybe it will for you, too.

22) Practice a little gratitude

As we inch closer at closer to the end of this series, I thought now would be a great time to talk about how practicing a little gratitude can help you deal with stress.⠀

Since our brain is a muscle that can be trained to view things in a more positive way, by practicing gratitude, we’re training our brain to react more positively during stressful times.⠀

Recently, I’ve been practicing daily gratitude in my JMB Living Journal. Each morning, I write down what I feel grateful for. Somedays I just write down one thing. Other days, I list a few.

Today, I encourage you to begin a gratitude practice by writing down one thing you are grateful for each morning or evening before bed. And since you can’t feel stressed and grateful simultaneously, this practice will reduce the amount of time in your day that you spend feeling stressed.

23) Get some fresh air!

If you live in an area outside of the city and the air quality is good, getting some fresh air – either by opening a window or going outside – can help reduce stress.⠀

It could even help lower your blood pressure.⠀

When the weather isn’t too cold (or hot), I like to open my front and back door to allow a cross breeze for a little while to air things out. Nothing like the smell of fresh air to help me feel rejuvenated and relaxed as I go about my day.

So, if you’re able to and it’s not too cold, try and get some fresh air soon. Spend about 10 minutes breathing in that clean breeze and you’ll likely walk away not only feeling relaxed but also energized.

24) Video call a friend or loved one

Or, if video chatting live doesn’t work with your schedules (uh, because kids), try using Marco Polo instead.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Marco Polo is an app that lets you send video messages for your friend or family member to watch when it’s convenient for them. But if your friend is able to watch live, they can choose to watch while you’re recording (they will be notified when you start a message if they have their notification settings turned on).

(And no, this is not a sponsored plug for their app. I’m just sharing and speaking from my experience.)

Honestly, I haven’t sent a video call with Marco Polo in months. What I have been doing is recording video messages for my grandmother and sharing them with her through GrandPad.

GrandPad is a tablet designed for seniors that pairs with an app on my phone. I bought my almost ninety-year-old grandma one for Christmas in 2020 since we weren’t able to visit and have been sharing photos and videos with her there. It’s sort of like posting or sharing things on Instagram, but within a private network between my grandma and other family members. We all share things with her and it’s helped her feel more involved in our daily lives even though we are far away.

During Christmas 2021, we used the video chat feature so she could stream live with us in real-time while the kids opened their presents. It was beautiful to watch the joy on her face as she watched my kids open their gifts.

Again, not a sponsored plug. Just sharing how much I’ve enjoyed it.

Human connection and interaction are some things that humans naturally crave, whether you’re an introvert (like me) or an extrovert. Find a way to stay connected with those you care about and you’ll find that you’ll feel happier and more at ease for doing it.

25) Get your cardio on

Did you know that when you work out and get a good sweat, your body releases endorphins?

You know – endorphins. They are those feel-good hormones that help keep stress at bay.

And the cool thing is you don’t have to do much (or spend anything) to get sweaty.

You can take a quick jog around your house or the block. You could use one of those fitness apps or watch a video from a fitness YouTuber. Or you could run around the house and pick up toys for a few minutes and kill two birds with one stone.

Don’t overthink this or make it difficult. Jump up and down while you wait for your morning coffee to brew. Something to get that heart of your pumping, something to get those feel-good juices flowing. Try it and I bet you’ll feel a little more relaxed afterward.

Final thoughts

To recap this fifth post in the series 30 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress Without Leaving Home, here are ways 21 through 25 to reduce stress without leaving home:

  • Find & sit in a sunny area of your home
  • Practice a litte bit of gratitude
  • Get yourself some fresh, outdoor air
  • Video call a friend or family member
  • Do some cardio & get sweaty

Just because you’re home all day with your baby or toddler doesn’t mean you can’t take little moments of time to reduce stress. Some of these tips today are very simple to do. Pick the one that calls out to you most and be sure you prioritize that today, mama.

Be sure to review the rest of the posts in this series if you’re in need of some other ideas for ways you can reduce stress. On the blog next week, I’m sharing all the ways that I’m currently practicing self-care. And the following week, I’ll wrap up this series with the final 5 ways to reduce stress from home. Subscribe, if you haven’t already, to receive an email when those posts go live (and to also receive the next monthly issue of “The Calm Download” on February 15).

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