How I Functionally Plan My Week (YouTube Video)

If you’re curious to see how I’m currently using my Plum Paper weekly planner to plan my week, I filmed a plan with me video last month and shared it on my YouTube channel, Lauren’s Life Plans, last week.

Most plan with me videos you find on YouTube only share how they set up or decorate their weekly spread. The plan with me video I posted last week walks you through my initial setup process for the week and also shows me filling out my real plans. I also filmed two check-ins where I basically think through my plans out loud for you.

Week of June 13-19, 2022 in my Plum Paper Vertical Priorities Planner

I started using my Plum Paper Vertical Priorities Planner in June after drawing out the layout on some dot grid paper and using it for a few weeks in May. What drew me to this specific planner playout is that the weekly columns are wider than the standard 1.5 inch width found in most weekly planner layouts (at least, if you pick the 7×9 size). For now, I’m enjoying the extra space to write and being able to create a weekly overview of my week.

As I mention in the video, I’m also using a daily planner. Each morning, I open my weekly planner and use it as a reference to help me plan my day. In future plan with me videos, I hope to film myself doing this so you can see what that process is like. I just got a new phone clip holder which makes filming overhead much easier (you’ll notice the last clip of the video is with the new holder).

For me, having both a daily and weekly planner works well because if I were to just use a weekly (which I’ve tried earlier this year) I would get overwhelmed with looking at the weekly spread as the week goes on. I don’t want to see all the to-dos that I did (or didn’t do) all day long. Having the daily planner open each day helps me to just focus on today (which has basically been my mantra over the years to help prevent me from letting anxiety paralyze me).

I hope that by sharing this functional plan with me video you’ll get some ideas that you can carry over into your own planning system.

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