Need a Homeschool Planner? Here are 5 Planners to Consider in 2022

Don’t get it twisted. I do NOT homeschool my kids.

Except for that one time when we ALL had no choice. (You know what time I’m talking about.)

But recently a friend reached out to me in my DMs, asking me if I could recommend a planner that she could use for homeschooling.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you the planners I recommended to her. I figured that if she was asking this question, many others were, too. I hope by sharing these planners with you it will help you find a homeschool planner that works for you.

*This post includes some Amazon affiliate links. Click here to read my full affiliate disclaimer. However, I didn’t write this post with the purpose of getting you to use my links. The links are only being included because I want to help make finding these products easier for you. The only links that are affiliated in this post are the ones linked to shopping on Amazon. The rest are normal links directly to the planner I’m recommending.

Before Picking a Homeschool Planner

Whether you are looking for a homeschool planner or any other planner, the first step isn’t to look at the planner options available to you.


Because you first need to figure out what you need your planner to do for you.

Do you just need a calendar to keep track of due dates or to mark the beginning and end of grading periods? Or are you going to need to create a curriculum for your student and need to plan out what you’ll teach each day? Understanding your needs upfront will help you narrow down your options.

If this is going to be your first year of homeschooling, it’s likely that you won’t really know what’s going to work best, but that’s okay. While it’s ideal that you make a single planner purchase soon that serves your needs all school year, it’s also important to understand that you might find yourself needing to adjust in future weeks/school years as you get more comfortable with homeschooling and learn what you need and what you don’t.

If the first planner you pick ends up being the complete wrong fit, be kind to yourself.

If the first planner you pick ends up being the complete wrong fit, be kind to yourself. The best way to find out what planner works for you is to actually use a planner and test it out in real-time. Fortunately, there are many options and places like Mercari to sell any that don’t work out.

Non-Customizable Planner Options

None of the planners recommended in this blog post are specifically “homeschool planners” (with the exception of the one from Plum Paper). I’ve selected these planners because of their format and their flexibility to use them in a way that homeschooling parents might find helpful. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t homeschool so my opinions about what could work are purely based on my limited understanding of what a homeschooling parent might need to plan for.

To begin, I figured I’d start by sharing some planners that aren’t customizable. These planners are essentially ready to order with few options to pick from (such as cover, color, and size). These are perfect for moms who don’t want to spend too much time picking a planner.

momAgenda Desktop Spiral (July 2022 – Dec 2023)

momAgenda Week-at-a-view format
Image credit: © 2022 momAgenda

momAgenda’s unique weekly layout could work really well as a homeschooling planner, especially since each day is broken into multiple sections – perfect for different subjects.

This planner includes monthly calendars that are lined, as well as extra notes pages at the end of the planner.

Priced at $35, this planner is one of the cheapest options in this blog post. You can purchase directly from their website or on Amazon (perfect if you have Prime).

For other size options, visit their website.

To purchase the momAgenda on Amazon, click here.

Erin Condren Academic Planner (Aug 2022 – July 2023)

focused academic planner
Image credit: © Copyright 2022 Erin Condren

The Academic Planner from Erin Condren can be a great option for a homeschooling planner because of the three-lined sections each weekday, plus the extra notes pages each month.

Right now, the options include an August or September start date. Or, you can even get this planner as a standard calendar year and start in January 2023.

For $40, you can choose from multiple cover options as well as 4 interior designs.

To purchase an Erin Condren Academic Planner, click here.

In this video, I share ideas for how moms can use this planner.

Customizable Planner Options

Customizing your own planner can be a great way to make sure your homeschool planner works for what you need.

However, because it can be a little intimidating to create your own planner, I’ve listed these planners according to the ease of creating them.

Plum Paper Homeschool Planner with Academic Add-On

Teacher 1: Homeschool Layout
Image Credit: © 2022 Plum Paper, LLC.

The Plum Paper Homeschool Planner includes several tools to help you keep track of your student.

This layout (see image) allows room for a weekly list and a small space for each weekend day.

Prices begin at $29.

To browse the section of homeschool planners from Plum Paper, click here.

Golden Coil Vertical 3 Weekly Layout

image credit: Copyright 2022, Golden Coil

Golden Coil planners are highly customizable, and this layout is great for homeschool due to the 6 sections per weekday. (Also perfect if you prefer blank boxes vs lines.)

Pair this weekly view with any number of notes page options to create a planner that works for you.

You can start this planner whenever you want. I priced it at around $70 for 12 months when on their site.

To purchase a Golden Coil, click here.

Agendio (Most Complicated to Build)

agendio sample Model 32602
Image credit: Copyright © 2005-2021 Agendio Inc.

With Agendio, you can pick the start month, font, paper, and a whole bunch of add-on options.

You can start customizing your planner and then save your progress for later (it can take time to look through all their options and build your planner).

Starts at $49 for a 12-month weekly/monthly planner (80lb).

To purchase an Agendio, click here.

Final thoughts

Picking a planner for homeschool shouldn’t be an overwhelming task and hopefully, you feel a little less intimidated after reading my planner recommendations today.

With so many planner companies to pick from, I wanted to create a list of planners from brands that I knew created quality products that will last you all school year.

Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect planner. Keep in mind when picking your planner the things that are most important to you. Try not to get glassy-eyed over pages or layouts in a planner that you know you really won’t use.

And if you find a planner you like, but there is something about it that you don’t, remember: you don’t have to use all the pages in your planner. If a page just isn’t relevant to you, don’t make yourself try and use it. Also, don’t let that be a deal breaker if the planner checks off all the other boxes of what you’re looking for.

If you’re a homeschool parent and use a planner that you love, feel free to share what you use in the comments below. I’m sure you’re recommendations will be appreciated by future visitors to this blog post.

If you purchased one of these planners and would like to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below regarding how they worked for you with homeschooling, your review will be greatly appreciated!

If this post helped you pick a planner, let me know which one you picked in the comments. Also, be sure to bookmark this post and return to it after you’ve used your new planner for a little while to let us know what you think.

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