Hey, mama! I’m Lauren.

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I help stressed-out stay-at-home moms find a healthy balance between getting things done & taking care of themselves.

01. Need help reducing stress & making time for yourself?

Master Mom Stress, this website you’re on, is where I’ve written articles sharing what I’ve learned about the connection between stress & our bodies, including sharing ways that I’ve reduced stress in my own life. I recommend reading my first post to start your journey with me.

02. Want a peek inside my planner?

Did you know that I have a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing functional planning tips for moms? Over there, I show you inside my actual planner and explain how I plan.

03. Need more support & encouragement?

I share more personal stories on Lauren’s List as a way to encourage you in your journey. Also, I share news & inspo within the planning, productivity, & self-care spaces to help you plan better & feel better.

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I’m a pro. Mostly because my husband has had to take numerous jobs out-of-state over the years and I’ve been forced to run things solo for long stretches of time. And, it’s also how I burnt out.

Routines & Systems Are Actually Helpful

Part of my stress (aside from flat out not taking care of myself) came from not having any sort of structure around home management. Over time, though, I found planning & writing things down to be crucial to maintaining my sanity. And loose routines. Emphasis on the loose part (*wink*).

The Truth About Chores

Be a stay-at-home mom, they said. It will be fun they said. Why didn’t anyone tell me that my house would constantly remind me of all the chores left undone? Not fun, I say. But, 15+ years into motherhood, I believe I’ve finally figured out the right balance.

I’m Down, Dog

Yoga has been the main routine that has really helped me feel calm. Before I dived into planning, I discovered the connection between stress & our body. Ever since then, I’ve turned to yoga (among other things) to help release built-up stress from my body. Today, I practice it daily. Namaste.

Let’s Collaborate!

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